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All-in-one wirstband for guests

In order to give the best possible experience to your guest, we’ve created a wristband that serves as ID, e-wallet and door key. In other words, your guests will have everything they need right into the convenience of a wearable.

Local setup for continued service

The system’s data are stored in the local server of the hotel to guarantee a solid service. Even under an internet downtime the whole system will be up and running. So you don’t have to worry about the internet, and your guests don’t have to worry about… anything.

Cloud service

You can access all data generated by the guests (room accesses, consumptions, average ticket, etc.) anywhere, anytime. We make sure you get access to all data from our cloud.

Real-time KPI processing

You don’t want to see data, you want to reach decisions. That’s why we constantly process all data and display it in a crystal-clear web panel. You get the analytics you want. Your customer gets the best experience at the hotel.